Laymen Ministries Philippines

God's work among the natives in Mindoro

Our work in the Philippines

Education for Irian Mangyan natives

Conditions in the Mangyan villages are terrible. Disease, malnutrition, illiteracy, ignorance and exploitation are devastating both the lives and livelihoods of the Irian Mangyans. Our goal is to bring freedom in Christ through education, community development and evangelism.

Prison Ministry

Two full-time layworkers in our prison ministry train and encourage inmates who are receptive to Bible truths to become effective missionaries in the prison. The ministry has been very successful and hundreds have been brought to the Lord.

More about the Prison Ministry
Manila LMP Mindoro Mamburao Kaupawan High School / Academy Sulong Ipil Elementary School Binuangan Elementary School Agbalite Elementary School Pinagbayanan Elementary School Sablayan Prision Ministry

Laymen Ministries Express III

For 20 years, Laymen Ministries Philippines has been traveling on the South China Sea to deliver and support missionaries to very remote native villages on the northern end of the island of Mindoro, Philippines. Now the time has come for a new boat.

The Video shows the history and progress of the Laymen Ministries Express III in connection with our educational work.